Dream Residue (2022)

Dream Residue
Size Variable

Exhibited in
MAVA “Mini Exhibition” 2022 | Communication and Visual Arts Building, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong

Conscious and unconscious, collective unconscious, dream work, free association, incubation, amplification… These terms are seemingly different to understand for the general public who do not have a background in psychoanalysis. The psychoanalytic dream interpretation just works like the progress of expressive art making to a certain extent.

In this work, I explored how to transfer these terminologies into artistic practices. Colors, patterns, movement and contours, intuitively incorporated into painting on canvas, collage, projecting light, and eventually combined into a set of installations to display these dream concepts. The audience were allowed to under- stand these complicated concepts with their innate feelings and sensation, instead of reading a brunch of research papers.