Deville Colour

創作者Deville Dewil以水彩紀念日常的小地方,喜歡隨心隨意的畫,偶爾寫寫文字記記夢。

Dewil loves to express herself, record the little bliss of her daily life and wish to bring the vibrant world in her mind into reality with watercolour.
Her watercolour artworks are made to become different stationeries and designs under the brand “Deville Colour”. The products including stickers, postcards and masking tapes and more.

Meowchi Co.

Meowchi Co 以可愛慵懶又有點厭世樣「貓糍」為中心。

The digital illustration IP character “Meowchi” is alive in the Meowchi Co.
Meowchi is cute and lazy, it also looks kinda tired of life. But oh well, her cuteness can save the world and lead all of us to stay lazy and stay alive together.
Meowchi products include keychains, stickers, wearables, accessories, and more!